The period after the holidays can be hard for many businesses as people spend too much during the peak holiday season and afterwards just everyone is being careful with the expenses. But your business must keep running, you shouldn’t allow a gap in the consistency of your business promotion and raising brand awareness. Anyway, there will be people who will be out even after this period and it is your job to lure them in your restaurant, for example. It is completely up to you how will post-holiday season impact your business and the number of customers. There are a few ways on how you can increase your sales even when people don’t want to spend more money after the holiday craziness.

Promote new special dishes in the New Year

This can be pretty hard as selling any offer before the holidays is easy. So, you should really think of what your customers truly want to taste in your restaurant. Make them crave for the new items on the menu, and special offers for discounts while promoting the new dishes can be a real push in the increasing of your restaurant’s revenue. And all you have to do before that is to hype the expectations on the new special meals, and just when they decide to enter your restaurant close the deal with a unique and delicious meal. As long as you keep your customers curious long enough to cannot avoid but checking out what you have to offer.

Push your loyalty cards and memberships

We believe you have already rewarded your regular customers with special loyalty membership cards, and this is the time when you need to activate them, as you have the personal details you need in order to send them a notification on the newest offer for the members. Also, you can offer something special for any new member like incredible discounts, relevant promotions and personalized messages which will help you elevate the level of connection with your potential customers. You can do it in a time frame which will make your customers rush to the restaurant and have the specials of the day.

Create deeper connection with your customers

Holiday season is the period when people try to make positive changes and leave bad habits behind. So, promoting a healthier special dish which is perfectly delicious can make them come and enjoy then small numbers of calories while the flavor will get them addicted to your new special meal. Make a promotion package with a healthy beverage which goes well along with the dish you are promoting. Get creative because the world of food and drink is endless. Anything connected to people’s New Year Resolutions will help you increase the revenue at your restaurant.

Focus on the service and customer care

Promoting the best things from your restaurant is always something that pays off, but how you justify the promotion is completely another thing which will bring you much more income than anything else. So, in the post-holiday period set your best staff from the restaurant at the peak shifts and ask them to give the best of them to make the service of the restaurant exceptional. Also, you can come up with a contest for the best customer or so, and you will make your regular customers curious, but your potential customers would really want to be part of your restaurant’s micro universe.

All of this well combined together will make you forget about the empty period of the season when each customer who enters your restaurant is another struggle. You should really think of the best interests of your customers because in time they will feel that and connect to your brand which will be incredible when it comes to increasing the revenue of your restaurant business. And you can do all of this online.