Birthday marketing is one of the latest tools when it comes to successful promotion of your restaurant to a bigger audience, and it is becoming more present in the marketing plans. And restaurants and birthdays go well together as we already know. A world common tradition is to go out and celebrate your birthday with your closest friends and family. And restaurants are great when it comes to emotional gathering for special occasions. Each day is full of opportunities for attracting customers to your restaurant because birthdays happen every day. And if you invest in birthday marketing you will notice the difference in the number of customers visiting your restaurant for their birthday.

Studies have shown that people spend around 78 $ in average for their birthdays, and imagine if you create marketing which will attract more than one birthday celebration to your restaurant, with each customer you will gain more than this average amount, and you will be able to spread the word about your brand further for free because those people who celebrate their birthdays in your place are having their friends and family with them. More opportunities will open if you start investing in this type of marketing.  

Birthday list

Creating a birthday list is the first step towards successful birthday marketing. There are several ways of collecting the data about your customers’ birthdays. One of them is to create a birthday club which will ask of your audience to enter the data about their birthdays and preferences. This way you will be able to inform your audience about your special birthday offers when their birthdays are getting close, and attract it with the uniqueness of your brand. Another tip we can give you when it comes to creating the birthday list is to have a birthday program within a special loyalty program for your restaurant, which will give the birthday club even better promotion. The loyalty restaurant programs may contain birthday club elements which will give you the opportunity to constantly update your audience on the special birthday offers each year.

Birthday club promotion

Once you create the perfect birthday list you can start promoting your offers. You will have to come up with a unique deal which will make those who have birthdays to celebrate them outside their home, and come to your restaurant. Your offers should scream that your restaurant is the best place for birthday celebration. Add something complimentary to the offer, maybe a note for a happy birthday, complimentary dessert maybe after the dinner, or something special which will make their visit to your restaurant more memorable.

Digitalize your idea

Digital solutions for this type of marketing should be especially focused on mobile device users, as that number grows on daily basis, because people are moving all the time and mostly use their smartphones while on the way to work, or anything else. Digitalizing your idea can also mean sending automated birthday messages via SMS. This will attract your customers to your restaurant even when they are not celebrating their birthday at all. A delicious meal at the right place sometimes can be the best birthday celebration. Actually, you can add cause to your restaurant marketing which will significantly increase the revenue. Create an offer where your restaurant will donate a symbolic amount to charity each time a person who celebrates their birthday spends more than 78$ at your restaurant. Try to promote private birthday parties which will give the impression of you organizing an elegant VIP gala, but it will make your customers come your way and spend their money at your place.

While creating the content for the birthday marketing plan, you should pay attention to the tone of the messages, and personalize them, as you can get closer to the readers of the email, SMS or anything you send.