The benefits of email marketing are visible right after applying to your business marketing strategy, even though some of us are sceptic and may think that email marketing is an old-fashioned way of marketing which doesn’t function anymore. When you have already commenced the process of email marketing for your online business, adding this feature to it, will bring many benefits because of the right targeting. Birthday marketing is part of the email marketing strategy, and it has been shown as pretty effective so far.

The point is to have a tool on your website which will collect your visitors’ data on the checkout, and this will help you target the people who have birthdays in nearby future, and you can send them emails which contain anything they can do on their birthday, accordingly to your business area. This targeting may bring you a lot of potential new customers, but keeping them as regular guests is only up to you.

But if you really want to increase your revenue with this type of a marketing, you should be careful with each detail when sending the emails for your customer’s birthday.

How to do birthday marketing?

The best ways to prepare your birthday marketing content is to get to know your customers better. Offering them a special discount or package around the time of their birthday can significantly increase the revenue of your business. And if we are talking about restaurants, this can be really helpful in the promotion of your business. For example, you can create a special discount for a menu for certain number of people, or maybe if your business is bigger you can offer a certain number of free drinks for each birthday reservation. The creative part is up to you, and the services and products your restaurant can offer. The increase will be visible in a short period of time, if you really manage to create birthday marketing content which will make your regular and potential customers open the offer and get really interested.

The benefits

Once you have set up the look of your email content, you can start feeling the benefits of it. Email marketing can be really powerful when it comes to increasing the click-through rate and the organic traffic on your website. The first thing we should point out when it comes to birthday marketing is the low cost, or no cost at all. The only thing you will really spend is your creativeness and a bit of your time while putting the pieces of your marketing strategy together. This way you are saving money on printing vouchers or delivering hardcopies of the offers, and it is much more effective than the old-school ways. The second thing we need to mention is that it actually increases the revenue of your business with each sent email, and if you are wondering why it is because people no matter how old get a little excited over their upcoming birthdays. No matter if the customers used the offer you have sent them, sending them emails on their special day will always remind them when it comes to something they need to buy, or somewhere they need to go. Also, these emails will give you the greater picture of what you need to incorporate in them in future, and what needs to be ruled out. You will notice what your readers really click, and the improvement of the emails will bring additional increase of the revenue.  

Take your time when creating the email content, because if you only fill it with superficial terms and regular marketing phrases, your customers will not connect to the message at all. You should write a friendly message with calm tone which will make them open the email, and read what you have to say. Try it, and you will see the difference in no time.