When people think of email marketing, most probably think it is pretty easy to send some emails and the customers will come running to your business website.  But, no matter how easy you think it is, a few mistakes in reaching out to your subscribers can ruin your whole marketing strategy, and you will be wondering what happened without even knowing it was the emails. We will warn you about the most common mistakes in email marketing, and it is up to you how your marketing campaign for increasing the click through rate on your website will turn out.

Test before sending

The first thing before sending the emails with promotion of your latest products or services or the email newsletter is checking if everything works right in your email. Check the links, spelling and grammar, check if your images load properly, and all in all if the email is the way you created it in the first place. You can do that manually or with a tool like Email Analysis. Test it through several email platforms and make sure it works in each one properly.

Be careful with the subject and the sender

The most important elements in email marketing are the subject and the sender and you are not allowed to mistake them if you want to continue a successful email marketing campaign. Your job is to create them in a way you will make the recipient to open the email. You will have to come up with something to recognize you for, and the other thing is to make your recipients interested in your message. You mustn’t use tricks and lead your recipients to open and see a different body message, you should be true to what your emails are about.

Think of the unsubscribers too

The way you treat your subscribers you have to treat your unsubscribers the same way. You have to let people unsubscribe in less than 3 clicks, otherwise they will complain about constant messages until the subscription is finished. You don’t want to your emails to be flagged as spam.

Pay attention to message statistics

It is not that easy to be able to read the message statistics, but if you learn it the right way, your email marketing campaign will be better with each new idea. The trick is to pay attention to a few key points. Open Rate, Click Rate, Delivery Rate, and Unsubscribe Rate are the essential points you need to follow for your campaign. The first two will show you the quality of your email content, and the latter two will show you the quality of the communication strategy. Monitoring these message statistics will help you to send your emails at the right time, to the right people and increase the awareness of your brand.

Don’t underestimate the email marketing strategy

The thing is to reach out to the right people and attract new subscribers to your brand and business. And if you underestimate the need of an email marketing strategy, you will probably end up with a poor marketing campaign which will not reach to 50 % pf your subscribers for number of reasons and it will be a failure and a total waste of time. Without a strategy you will keep wandering in a chaos until you decide that you really need a marketing strategy which will bring you higher revenue, increase the click through rate on your website, and improve the overall picture and awareness level of your brand.

Don’t forget about the graphics

It is easier to build a whole website than create an effective email message which will make the recipients open and read it till the end. You have to place everything you want to say in one page. It should be effective, informative, interesting, and beneficial for the recipient. Keep your messages well-structured and be as concise and clear as possible.