We believe many people nowadays think that email is an old school tool for increasing the revenue, but if you use the right points in email marketing it can be really powerful. Actually, studies have shown that email marketing is the best tool when it comes to sales, and it is better than Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, we will deliver the best tips when it comes to email marketing and increasing the revenue of your business. And even if there are many new digital marketing tips, email addresses can increase the sale for your business, more than you can imagine.

Target Audience

The most important point in email marketing is your audience. If you understand your target audience well enough, you should know what type of email messages they would be interested in. your email subscribers are expecting quality content, because they are already interested in your brand with leaving their contact to your website. And you will have to be careful with your email list, because each subscriber is an individual and don’t want to see the same content as others.

You can achieve that by segmenting your email list unto smaller sub-groups. This will help you promote your products in a more personalized way. Also, you can do that while you are building the email list. And if you want to really send the right content, you can divide your subscribers according to their location, interest, or preferences.

Be consistent in sending emails

We believe you don’t want your emails to end up in the spam folder, so you will have to be really careful with the content you are sending. But, if you are sending your regular emails on a daily basis, the sale will increase for sure because people check their inboxes daily. Your email marketing strategy should focus on the people who have already engaged with your brand. Your email marketing will be classified as spam if you send the same emails to people who haven’t engaged with your brand yet, or haven’t given you their email voluntarily.

Sending effective and constant emails is part of the best email marketing strategy.

Be specific

Effective emails mean that they need to contain important information and not be too long. The best length of the emails you can practice is the Tweet length. Get you email subscribers to focus on what you really need them to do. Do not confuse them with long narration which is boring after the second minute. And you will receive a better response for your campaign if you keep your emails simple. Another thing you should be careful with is that your emails should be easily readable on mobile devices too. So, get to the point and if you need to add more information on your campaign use bulleting, it is faster to read them.

Personalized emails

If you want to make a greater connection with your email subscribers, your emails should be personalized. And if you send your subscribers such emails, they will feel special or exclusive, and it will increase the chances that they will collaborate with you and your business instead of someone else. According to some studies emails that have personalized subject line have 26% more chances to be opened. And it is best if you use the first names in the subject line.

All in all, the goal is to increase the click through rate on your website, so more people will become aware of your brand and the sales will go up. You just need to connect with your customers on emotional level, keep the emails short and simple, keep the subject line between six to ten words, and you can always add some humor if it goes with your branding of course. Also, you can add some questions and numbers, which usually give great feedback and increase the click through rate on your website.